Zonta Club Of Essex County

Our Story

Zonta International was founded in 1919. The Zonta Club of Essex County was organized in 1929 and chartered in 1930. For seventy-five years, we have sponsored community programs, provided scholarships for young women, recognized the accomplishments of local women through our Women of the Year program, and served as advocate for women through national and international programs. As a member of Zonta International District 3, we have a rich tradition of providing service to the area community. Our members are diverse by profession, age, and background, and we welcome new members who have similar goals--mentoring and supporting, learning, and encouraging women in our community.,

What We Do

The Zonta Club of Essex County is actively engaged in providing service to women, both locally and globally. Our activities include activities and support with the Safe House Shelter for Battered Women; providing scholarships too young women in support of their higher education goals raining funds to aid breast cancer and sickle cell research, and supporting service globally in women's health, education and safety through Zonta International and partnership through UN Women and UNICEF. We also participate in Zonta International's biennial convention, district conferences, and meetings in order to broaden our perspective on women's issues and to provide support on national and international levels  We meet monthly (third Monday of each month) to plan for and discuss community activities. Each month speakers are invited to discuss issues that affect women-- health, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, trafficking, and education, to name a few. These meeting provide members with the information they need to address community issues and provide the support needed to sustain women in our county, state and nation and the rest of the world. The Zonta Cub of Essex County also embraces Zonta International work to empower and advance the status of women by:

  • Leading advocacy efforts and acting to improve the status of women
  • Promoting strategies to eradicate violence against women and children
  • Funding scholarships and awards for women of exceptional ability and talent
  • Supporting programs aimed at improving women's health, safety and economic and political status
  • Encouraging mentorship, friendship and networking among members.

Amelia Earhart:                     Sharon Jones

Advocacy:                               Dorothy Knauer

Fellowship/Sunshine:         Sheila Beasley- Reid

Finance:                                  Christina Chatman

Fundraising:                          Wincey Terry-Bryant

Public Relations:                  Christina Chatman   and  Ann Hoffner

Membership:                          Beverly Cotton

Service/Status of Women:   Pamela Morgan

Scholarship:                           Sharon Jones

UN  Committee:                   Arlene Simmons (Chair)/ Pamela Morgan

The Zonta Club of Essex County, part of Zonta International,  is "empowering women through service and advocacy."  We are committed to promote and uplift the status of women locally and globally, and to eradicate violence against women and children.

Vision and Goals

  • Become knowledgeable advocates for women's causes, both locally and internationally 
  • Continue to render services and provide resources to individuals and organizations locally and globally in accordance with our bi-laws.
  • Raise the community's awareness of the Zonta Club of Essex County's purpose and history
  • Recruit new members, and retain current members in accordance with the guidelines set forth by Zonta International.
  • Promote and support the accomplishments of women who have made significant contributions locally and within the tri-state region

Club Leadership

 OUr History And What We Do

Our Mission and Goals